Coaching Sessions

I see you and I feel you Beloved…

In the hustle and bustle of the day, you feel annoyed, anxious and frustrated. In the dead of night, you feel depleted, empty, lonely and / or full of regret. Your life looks good on paper, people may even envy you but deep inside you feel something is missing. You may even be unsure of the path you are on. I know how you feel. This is emotional pain.

In 2007, I had a major nervous breakdown when my own emotional pain became more than I could bear. I slapped a huge band aid over my pain and in 2010, I had another nervous breakdown. Once bitten, twice shy. After the second nervous breakdown I knew I needed help. Since then I have been on a journey that incorporates Yoga, Therapy and Coaching, all of which supports me in leaning into more prolonged states of contentment and peace. Everything that I have learned along the way is what I offer you in a concise and effective way. Continue reading…

Inner Work

I offer a deep dive, gently and compassionately, combining coaching techniques and psychological concepts. Whether you choose a one off Coaching Intensive or a six session Coaching Package, at the end of our time together, you will walk away with an inner road map and tools you can use consistently use to create ease, more moments of joy and peace. Our time together is both a journey of support and an expression of your autonomy. Ultimately YOU know what’s best for you and your path. I am simply here to support you as you walk along your path.

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Here are your options. I look forward to being of Service to you:

  • A two hour Coaching Intensive: At the root of emotional pain is a pain story. Whether that story be of lost love, a lost dream, parent / child disharmony or more, the pain story, when not seen from a different perspective, can manifest as emotional pain. During this intensive, we release the most pressing pain story affecting you today and immediately incorporate tools that create ease and a shift towards contentment and peace. $550USD.

  • A Coaching Package of six sixty minute sessions: Over the course of six weeks we will dive in deep and unpack all the subtle layers and blind-spots of accumulated pain stories that perpetuate states of emotional pain. At the end of our six weeks together, you will have in-depth insights, self-awareness, clarity and a plan that will support you in a creating preferred states of freedom, joy and peace. $2100USD.