About me

The Paradox

I am Shevy Cardoza; Money Mastery Teacher, Trauma Aware Life Coach, Writer and Erotic Poet. Everything that flows out of me as an offering to the world is born out of my own experience with trauma and overcoming trauma. It hasn't always been easy to lift my head up and find my way but everything I have learnt along the way I have used to create effective training and coaching programs.

Professionalism and Experience

For 8 years, I have worked with a diverse Clientele to break through personal barriers and honed my intuitive and practical coaching skills along the way. Having extensively studied western psychology, trauma and eastern practices I bring curiosity, depth and a sincere fascination for our respective inner worlds to the table. As a seasoned traveler and having lived in three countries I maintain an inclusive, diverse and progressive worldview. I have reverence for the myriad of life choices that allow us to feel angst free and fulfilled. I am also comfortable with human darkness. Having battled with severe depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation during my vulnerable years I truly understand that the human space is varied and complicated. I trust the process of self discovery.

My Worldview

I believe great relationships are important to the life experience. 

I believe in wealth 100%.

I believe Black Women especially MUST create personal wealth.

I believe we all have a right to our own unique sexual expression no matter how unconventional.

I believe the truth ultimately sets you free.