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Master your Money


Money can be an incredible point of stress, anxiety, shame, guilt and terror for so many of us. What makes it even more complicated is, we have been taught to look at money as just numbers and not as an energy that intersects with gender, race, sexuality, religion, culture, personal ethic system and so on. Therefore, because we don't see money as a whole, the ease with which we can truly experience money eludes us.

This six week Money Mastery training program is designed to give you a real insider look at money as a physical tool, an emotional experience, a key sociological resource and a personal flow that supports your deepest needs, desires and dreams. It is really possible to have ease with money, you just have to learn how and that is what this training program is all about.

This program can be done individually OR in groups of two that you create.

USD $4500 for the six week program

Transform your relationship with your Self


Your relationship with yourself is everything!

Watch your life, your career, your business, bloom and sky rocket when you learn the art of relating better to yourself.

If you are having all types of relationship problems, please please don't take that as an indication that there is something fundamentally wrong with you. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with you. What is wrong is the early teachings you got about who you are and how you should behave. Many times these teachings are in direct contradiction of your truth, of who you truly are, of how you love, of what you need, of what you desire and how you want to uniquely be. When you live out of alignment with yourself that can often show up as a whole bunch of problems in relationships. When you come into alignment with your heart and with your soul then your relationship with your Self improves and subsequently your relationships will shift for the better, even when that means some of those said relationships come to an end. Its a process, one that can often be quite challenging and one where you will fare better if you have guidance and support.

That guidance and support is here.

Intensive Coaching Packages: 

- Six months USD $14,000

- One year USD $25,000

*Packages include support in between sessions, additional resources and a depth of care for you and your journey.*

Expand your Platform & Increase Engagement

Photo by Muzammil Soorma on Unsplash

Over the course of years, you have built a solid foundation in your business, you have a great platform and your money flow is pretty stable. Now you are ready to take a leap. You want to expand your platform, increase your visibility, have more engagement and go BIGGER than you ever have before.

But you are scared, shitless.

It feels like you are betting the farm and you worry you could lose everything or worse, end up buried under more work and more stress than you have already experienced.

Furthermore, specific problems may arise: Pushback from spouse and / or family, reputation challenges, navigating rivals and their jealousy, overcoming your own fear of both failure and success.

Behind every scared Skydiver is a Guide who helps the Skydiver off the plane and / or who jumps with the Skydiver.

Is there a chance for risk? YES.

FACT: Living involves risk!

That fact, however, does not need to paralyze you. In fact you can use the nervous energy you feel and turn it into the fuel you need to JUMP!

The guidance and the help you need to do that is here.

- A three hour intensive Consult:
USD $1500

- 10 Sessions, 90 minutes each:
USD $7,500