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Trauma Aware Life Coaching



I am Shevanee Cardoza (aka Shevy), Trauma Aware Life Coach, Writer and Erotic Poet. (More about me towards the end). 


My private practice Shevanee Cardoza Coaching & Training Services offers services for Clients / Students who are fully open and ready to both learn from a Black, Queer, Woman (Me) and make a significant investment in our journey together. 

In a masterfully and safely held container, Clients / Students will learn about the nuanced psychological and sociological underpinnings of race, gender, sexuality and money in their lives. Clients / Students will also learn how strange societal teachings around these themes influence an inner environment that leads to self-loathing, avoidance, fear and the burial of the greatest aspects of the Self. From there, we learn to discover, treasure and value our deepest truths. This allows us to create a pathway towards loving the true Self and subsequently seeing the fruits of that love expressed in abundance, authenticity, bravery and the confidence to offer the gifts of the true Self to the world.

As for me, I am both firm and tender. I can sit in the fire and I am the fire. I have a depth of understanding around the human saga, suffering and mess because I am close to how it all plays out in myself. The thing I love most about myself is that I am NOT looking for enlightenment, perfection or a fix. What I am about is weaving together the magic of life with sound psycho-therapeutic techniques to become REAL, more human and more blissed out.

The investment required for our work together is USD $30,000 for the year. Payment plans are available. Contact me for more information on how to become a Student / Client.