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Broaden your awareness on the intersection of Race, Gender, Money and Sexuality and become a true Change Maker in the world.

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Trauma Aware Coaching

You need a safe place to reveal your stories, questions, concerns and worldview on Race, Gender, Money and Sexuality. How do these topics affect you? Who do you want to be in each of these areas? How will you give your voice to the conversation? How is your heart? What tools will you use to Self-care? The answers to these questions are among the things we will unpack together during our life-changing and transformative sessions.


Coaching Packages

Seeker Package: A three to six month package designed for the person who is ready to confront the impacts of Race, Gender, Money and Sexuality on their lives. USD $5000 for nine sessions over the course three months, $9000 for 18 sessions over the course of six months.

Deep Diver Package: A year long package for the person who passionately wants to include their voice in the conversation on Race, Gender, Money and Sexuality through public speaking, writing articles and / or creating their own online platform. This is for the person who is ready to be a Conscious Change Maker, Influencer and Leader in their community and world. USD $25,000 for the year. This is an intensive package that will require a significant time commitment.

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