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Trauma Aware Life Coaching


You need a safe place to reveal your stories, questions, concerns and worldview. I will give you that space to explore the impacts of Family, Culture, Race, Gender, Money and Sexuality. How do these topics affect you? Who do you want to be in each of these areas? How will you give your voice to the conversation? How is your heart? What tools will you use to Self-care? The answers to these questions are among the things we will unpack together during our life-changing and transformative sessions.

Seeker Package: A three to six month package designed for the person who is ready to confront the impacts of Family, Culture, Race, Gender, Money and Sexuality on their lives. USD $5000 for nine sessions over the course of three months, $9000 for 18 sessions over the course of six months.

Deep Diver Package: A year long package for the person who passionately wants to include their voice in the conversation on Family, Culture, Race, Gender, Money and Sexuality through public speaking, writing articles and / or creating their own online platform. This is for the person who is ready to be a Conscious Change Maker, Influencer and Leader in their community and world. USD $25,000 for the year. This is an intensive package that will require a significant time commitment.

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Money Mastery Training


I am Golden and my Golden quality causes those who choose to engage with me to experience an incredible increase in their abundance flow. It happens all the time. I have helped others to pursue studies at University loan free, increase their rates, buy houses and cars, go after dreams that involved a significant financial investment and so much more. I deeply believe and know in the magical essence of money; an energy that is a testament to the vast and unlimited abundance of the Universe.


Therefore, if money feels like a constant source of worry and anxiety for you or if you constantly feel like the more you want is way out of your reach, then you will LOVE this intensive six week training program. 

In six weeks, with your willingness and cooperation, I will move you from a scarcity / lack mindset to one that is incredibly abundant and prosperous. You will learn how to see abundance in everything and by virtue of being able to see abundance in everything and everywhere you will experience the tangible expansion of your abundance flow.

USD $1500 for the six week program

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Revelatory Life Articles & Erotic Poetry


Let's face it, you may have a deep need inside of you to push societal norms, to explore your own edges and experience life in a more vibrant, sensual, alive and erotic way. Believe me - it is very possible to live this way. What you need is intention and the training your inner world needs to reveal itself to you and to allow the full delight of life.

My deeply revealing articles and edgy erotic poetry will give you the inspiration, support and mind blow you need to find your own revelatory and erotic edge.

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