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Trauma Aware Life Coaching

What is Shevanee Cardoza's style of Coaching?

While Coaching has several definitions and categories, Trauma Aware Life Coaching with Shevanee is an intuitively led, therapeutic dialogue that is deeply informed by the many ways a person can be negatively impacted by personal, cultural and generational trauma. It is an opportunity to be heard, to process and to discover the inner beauty, wisdom and gifts of Self. It is also a chance to set specific life goals and gain tools / practices to help with the actualization of those goals.

Why do I need Coach Shevanee to have this kind of dialogue?

When you are; 

- dissatisfied with life

- being hit by challenges from multiple directions

- experiencing anxiety

- struggling with depression 

- fearful of creating boundaries

- constantly feeling like you want to check out

- frustrated with family dynamics and / or relationships 

- feeling limited in your money, work and life path

- desiring to expand your work and platform in the world 

- navigating body shame, sexuality shame and / or Fatphobia

- confused about your sexuality 

- longing for community, acceptance, understanding and the manifestation of your greatest desires

you NEED someone who can both hold you with compassionate / tender care and someone who can safely and artfully help you to discover the hidden influences behind your most nagging challenges. This is what Coach Shevanee offers with heart, experience and training.

What will I get out of Coaching with Shevanee?

Coaching with Shevanee is an abundant journey that holds many unique gifts and surprises for each Client along the way, many of which cannot be named upfront. That said, for sure you can expect to get the following from your Coaching journey:

1. A huge shift in the belief that the challenges you face means you are damaged or defective. Nothing could be further from the truth. The more you are able to see your challenges in a broader context the more peace of mind you will begin to experience.

2. With more moments of mental and emotional peace, the more creative and energetic you will become. This new burst and flush of energy will help you to launch new projects, be more bold and confident in various areas of your life and to raise your standards in what you are willing to receive and be available for in your overall life.

How long do I need to be Coached and what is the investment?

A commitment of at least one year allows you to get the most out of your Coaching journey. However, you may certainly commit to three months at a time:

- Coaching Package: consists of three 90 minute sessions per month, unlimited email / whatsapp support in between sessions, self-inquiry exercises and additional resources specifically tailored to your particular needs. 

USD $850 for per month

This offer is only available for those willing to commit to at least three months of Trauma Aware Coaching. 

 *Monthly payment plan available and sessions are done via online Video (Zoom)*


Economy Trauma Aware Life Coaching Sessions

You want to be Coached but money is kind of tight. I know what that is like and I have heard you when you brought that concern to me. As such, I have created an economy option to work with me that you may find a bit more manageable.

Here is what is on offer:

1. First, on the left hand side of this offering are all the details you need to understand what the journey of Trauma Aware Coaching is like with me - please take the time to read.

2. This economy option allows you to pay per 60 minute Trauma Aware Coaching session.

3. The rate per session is USD $190

4. You can pay per session or for a series of sessions upfront - I always emphatically recommend committing to at least three sessions scheduled a week apart to really get a grasp of the issue at hand.

5. All sessions are available online ZOOM.

Please note that I am so happy to support you on your journey and I will give you my very best during the time we schedule for our sessions. However, do consider that if you truly want to be held on your healing journey, receive support in between sessions and access additional resources tailored to your journey, then that option is available to you in the full package listed on the left.

Looking forward to supporting you and being touched by you.